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Merck Sharp & Dohme:

04 Feb 2015


In 2009, the Romanian Health Ministry launches a HPV vaccination campaign that ends up a failure, due to poor communication with parents, patients and medical staff. Moreover, public acceptance regarding this vaccine remains very low.

In this context, a relaunch of the HPV vaccination campaign is planned, with the purpose of increasing public acceptance towards this idea.


Carefully analyzing what went wrong in the past, our experts concluded that defective communication with the stakeholders was the main issue to be addressed. To prepare the relaunch, Point Public Affairs put together a cohesive strategy and implemented a wide range of efficient tactics.


The initial campaign was a remarkable success. Its results included the engagement of the main stakeholders for official support for a new vaccination campaign, increasing awareness of the necessity of this campaign among decision makers and the general public and changing general practitioners’ perception regarding the HPV vaccination. Establishment of the national HPV vaccination program addressed to young girls between 10-16 years together with Ministry of Health is currently under negotiations.

Note: the media relations and the organization of the event from the Athenaeum and the Flash-Mob from the Unirii Metro station were organized by McCann PR, with the support of Point Public Affairs.