ThinkHealth (2nd edition)

February 19th 2018

Conference venue: The Ark (Uranus 150 street)*






There are key moments in the history of any systems, which, at a certain moment, have the potential to generate quality shifts.  Can 2018 become that moment for the Romanian healthcare system? Are we able to figure out a crisis exit strategy?
We are wittnesing the maturity of the XXIst century. The very definitions of healthcare and healthcare system are changing.
Point Public Affairs kindly invites you to be part of the ThinkHealth debate. Together with our guests we will be looking for ideas, inspiration and innovative solution which might determine positive changes in the Romanian healthcare system, within a trust based paradigm.


ThinkHealth conference addresses some critical issues which are haunting the professionals, the patients, businesses and the civil society: how can the healthcare crisis be evoided / how can we make the transition from a paternalist health system to one buid up on partnerships / what can the system do for us and what can we do for the health system / and, finally, how is the future looking like ….
We are going to discuss about regulations, visions, innovation, perceptions and hopes and any other aspects which might give access to a more sustainable future of the Romanian healthcare system.


The conference is addressed to:
♦ Authorities;
♦ Business environment (pharmaceutical companies, insurance, technology & equipment providers, private clinics, financial institutions, consultancy, business associations, chambers of commerce, etc)
♦ Experts from Ministry of Health/Economy/Finance, National Health Insurance House, National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices, Colleges of Physicians and pharmacists, representatives of medical societies, healthcare professionals
♦ Politicians from the main political parties
♦ Patient associations
♦ Civil society
♦ Mass media




09.00 –09.30

Registration & welcome coffee


09.30 – 09.45



KEYNOTE SPEAKER – Ain Aaviksoo – Deputy Secretary General for Digital Services and Innovation, Estonia

Financing medical care proved to be unsustainable everywhere in the world. People are becoming more and more informed and demanding while health systems keep looking outdated. The future is here and … at hand.

Estonia, the digital centre of Europe, held the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2017. In 2019, Romania is rapidly approaching to take over the same function, so that digital support for innovation in the medical field and the promotion of eHealth services are a must-have when it comes to developing significant impact on the health budget and the promotion of a patient-centred health system.

09.45 – 10.00


Beyond politics, people are the real change makers.
One – on – one interview with the person who is presently the key keeper of the Romanian healthcare system, being, at the same time, the one who embodies the hopes of everybody in the health eco system.

GUEST SPEAKER:  Sorina Pintea –  Minister of Health

Moderator: Liliana Munteanu, head of Point Connection

10.00 – 11.45


 We witness the XXI century maturity. The very definition of healthcare and healthcare system is changing. The health regulations as a contract of trust. How is the healthcare future looking like? European Union vision. What is or should be Romania’s healthcare projects for the Presidency of the European Union Council.


Diana Loreta Păun – State Councelor, Presidential Administration
Rodica Nassar  – State Secretary, Ministry of Health
Usman Khan – Executive Director, European Health Management Association, UK
Alina Culcea – General Director, Amgen
Alexandru Velicu – President, National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices
Cristian Bușoi –  MEP
Daniel Coriu – Director, Hematology and Marrow Transplant Center, Fundeni Institute
Marilena Stănescu – General Director, Shire

11.45 – 12.00

Cofee break


12.00 – 13.45


Is money the main issue for a healthcare system? From vision to budget. `It would be wiser first to reform the health systems before throwing more money into it` (WHO)


Corina Pop – State Secretary, Ministry of Health
Florinel Pop – Chief of Pathological Anatomy Department, University of Medicine, Carol Davila
Adrian Pană – Public Health Expert
Laszlo Attila – President, Health Committee, Romanian Senate
Sorin Paveliu – President, ISPOR, Romania chapter
Guenka Ivanova Petrova – President, ISPOR, Bulgaria chapter
Vlad Negulescu – Director, HTA Department, National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices

13.45 – 14.00


One-on-one interview with Răzvan Vulcanescu – President ad interim, National Health Insurance House – moderated by Liliana Munteanu, Head of Point Connections, a Point Public Affairs division

14.00 – 14.30



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* Organizer is still waiting for confirmation on some speakers

* about the location: Part of an industrial architecture complex from 1898, the building initially known as Vama Antrepozite (the Commodities Exchange) once represented the main international trade spot in Romania. Build by the Italian architect Giuglio Magni and the Romanian engineer Anghel Saligny, the building is spectacularly transformed in 2006, when Re-Act Now architecture studio reconverted it, after the charred ruin laid abandoned for 16 years, into a modern space dedicated to creative industries and events.


For more details about the event:
Liliana Munteanu, 
Head of Point Connections/Storytelling Architects, –
For registration:
Mihaela Buligan, Community Manager,, 0736 635 111