The Romanian political dynamics and the legal framework are changing fast. The competition of subjects on the public agenda is growing higher. We strive to be proactive, creative and inspiring to get on the top of the politicians’ and influencers’ agenda, to the benefit of the business, society and democracy. Equally ethics and reputation are important for us and for our clients.

We team up with our clients for:

  • Stakeholders mapping and multilateral engagement
  • Government and pressure groups relations
  • Lobbying and advocacy
  • Strategic communication
  • Coalition building
  • Policy analysis and message development
  • Policy and political intelligence
  • Legal affairs (comparative law analysis, legal analysis, drafting legislation, regulatory affairs).

LAW® v.2 - Legislative Advanced Warning

LAW-v2-logoLAW® v.2 makes it possible for clients to get informed on intended policies and predict their possible directions. Point Public Affairs’ advanced warning system regarding regulatory changes provides companies with a window of opportunity to engage with officials and politicians as new legislation is passed. Rather than having to fight negative effects once they have come into force, via costly legal action, companies have the possibility to mitigate damaging proposals at the pre-legislative stage via a lobbying campaign. Point Public Affairs specialises in anticipating and interpreting the impact of public policy developments on commercial clients. Our consultants provide an effective advanced warning on legislative changes and advise clients on what next steps to take.
 Our reporting is done on-line, with all information accessible anytime and anywhere, under a secured SSL connection.