imagesA nuclear blast contained in the European bottle

Challenging Brussels has become the political hobby of the day. It has become a big boys’ affair with the Greek financial crisis, then with Brexit the vote and more recently with Italy’s open demand to restructure the setup of the Euro. Overall, the political union and the Euro seem to be the real targets of today’s bunch of discontented political leaders.

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0US and Europe diverge on trade and many others – is Central and Eastern Europe feeling the pain?

The battle lines are already drawn and it is getting worse – the US administration and European leaders are permanently expanding the list of contentious issues. Recently, in an article published in the newspaper Handelsblatt, the German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, was arguing that “the fact that the Atlantic has widened politically is by no means solely due to Donald Trump.

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Structural“Structural reforms” vs. “The middle-income growth trap”

Most leaders in the region dream of making their countries economic tigers. Some even succeed better than others. The economies of the region enjoy clear skies today. There is growth and for the short term citizens and local policymakers seem to enjoy the comfort zone.

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photo_verybig_190711The Bulgarian Euro-opportunity

Bulgaria is rushing to accede to the Eurozone. It wants to achieve this goal sooner than several EU member states – Romania, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Sweden.

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What regulatory impact in the next crisis?

There is some nervousness among experts and business environment; no surprise, as business cycles tend to be unavoidable. On top, this autumn will mark a decade from the beginning of the last depression and the lessons are still being analyzed. People like Kenneth Rogoff, a respected economist, ring the alarm bells with obstinacy.

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Western Balkans – where is the trade potential?

Western Balkans have been topping the agenda of the Bulgarian presidency of the European Union and politically the trend will continue. Does business follow? How fast?
A first answer on the potential comes from a recent discussion paper published under the aegis of the European Commission, “Untapped potential: Intra-regional trade in the Western Balkans”. The countries assessed are Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, and Serbia.

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