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Who are the most active politicians on Facebook? | How Social Media Has Changed Politics

12 Jun 2018

“Top Romanian politicians on Facebook in 2017” is the latest research of the behavior in cyberspace of 50 most important key political characters of the moment, detailed by Point Public Affairs and Webstyler.

Political decision makers have noticed instantly the value and use of social media as a communication tool opportunity and tried to build a strong online avatar as an effective form of direct digital interaction with the citizens, especially in the context of the presidential election in 2014, where real-time dissemination of messages has marked a significant success in increasing the audience of voters. Digital media communication will become an essential skill in every politician’s tool kit and agenda.

This report includes an analysis of the content of public communication shared on social media, made between 1 January and 31 December 2017; the selection of the politicians included in this report was made by the following: membership in a political structure, ownership of a Facebook page, and the indexing of their page on Facebrands PRO.

Some of the sections included in the report: Top 10 politicians on Facebook, Top 10 pages with new followers in 2017, Top 10 pages with big data engagement, Top mayors on Facebook, Top 10 posts of the politicians in 2017.


See the whole report here: Top Romanian politicians on Facebook in 2017