Case Studies

Romslot: Trust isn’t won, it’s earned! Building industry reputation (since 2010)


Within the gaming industry, slot machines sector has always been under high legislative pressure and media pressure determined by both reputation issues and the maturity level of the market.  A professional approach has been highly needed.


In 2010 we assisted several slot machines operators and producers to set up Romslot – The Slot Machines Association. We contributed to the design of the annual strategies of the association for:

Positioning: from the very beginning we have positioned Romslot as an association opened to all operators, no matter of size, given their will and proof to operate beyond any suspicion of fraud and willing to embrace a social responsible attitude towards gamers;

Public affairs: we have designed and implemented the strategies for stakeholders engagement and policy shaping; we joined Euromat, the industry’s European association;

Communication: we have closely worked and we contributed to the strategies for the enhancement of the industry’s and association’s reputation, through media plans, media productions, press trips, conferences, industry events;

Social responsibility: we have worked with Romslot’s members to promote responsibility and ethics in an industry that provides entertainment and safety. We developed the only functional responsible gaming program in Romania, which covers 2,500 game locations.


Today, Romslot is the best positioned gaming industry association, with a proven track record in policy shaping, a well known responsibility programme developed in association with The Romanian Bookmakers (, and positioned as a credible source of expertise for the entire spectrum of stakeholders.

National Soft Drinks Association: Enhancing dialogue with stakeholders (since 2013)

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Industry association confronting with myths and rumours concerning health issues related to soft drinks. Discussions of this type often take place on political and philosophical grounds.


We contributed to the design and implementation of the annual strategies of the association for:

Positioning: assess the strenghts and weaknesses of the industry and of the hot issues (both at national and European level), set the strategic areas and priorities of the association and position ANBR as the source of trusted and credible information about issues associated with the soft drinks industry;

Public affairs: stakeholders engagement strategies drafted and implemented, updated yearly – from policy monitoring and draft of position papers, to direct stakeholder engagement;

Communication: communication strategies tailored to each category of stakeholders, from draft of association’s statements, association’s website, to media rebuttals programme.


ANBR is now an active member of UNESDA (European Soft Drinks Association) and is participating in mitigating certain European and interational issues through specific engagement with national stakeholders, in order to ensure an active and coordinated stakeholder engagement both in Brussels, as in the Member States.

ANBR is also an active member of Romalimenta for issues concerning the food and drinks industry in Romania.

In the last 2 years, ANBR was listed by UNESDA in the top 3 national associations most successful at media rebuttals.

A shift in journalists perception towards ANBR – as a consequence, ANBR started to receive requests for information and opinions.