Below is a selection of some of the most important industries and clients we have served since 2008:


Pharma and Healthcare

Pharma and Healthcare has been the strength of our business since the company’s set up. We have an extensive knowledge of the sector’s history in the past 20 years and of the issues dominating the market. We offer a profound understanding of the interactions between patients, medical representatives, pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers, regulatory institutions and politicians.







Technology means real time communication. These days, when technology is the driving force of a whole new world, it is increasingly important to our clients to navigate through all stakeholders and regulations dominating the market. We help them do this, and we have clients alongside us since our first work day.


Food and drinks

Food and drinks companies and professional organizations in the sector need to cope with myths and trends that overflow this field. Moreover, they need to understand environment issues, while preserving their freedom of doing business. We were able to influence potential harmful decisions and ensure access to correct information.




Environment – We have closely worked in the area of packaging and waste management regulations. Driven by the European obligations, industry is always in the spotlight of the civil society, as much as in that of the local and central administration.



Energy expertise is what we gained working for the biggest private company in Romania and the largest oil and gas company in South Eastern Europe, with activities ranging across the whole value chain: OMV Petrom.


Heavy industry

Heavy industry is going through dramatic changes under the influence of the global economy and local policies. It has been a challenge for us to map and deal with relevant stakeholders and engage the audiences of our clients.


Media & Advertising

Media & Advertising – this is a sector that has been changing and evolving ever since its emergence, a volatility that continues to increase as more and more people gain access to information and political implications are huge.


Real estate development

Real estate development as a market has overcome significant difficulties in recent years, both at international level and in Romania. As this sector slowly enters a true recovery phase following the recession, it is important for the companies involved to correctly understand their stakeholders and prepare for legislative changes. We work alongside some of the major players in this field for years, helping them achieve just this.


Gaming & Bets

Gaming & Bets is one of the sectors perhaps most susceptible to regulatory activity at national and international level. Apart from this, companies active in this sector must work hard to ensure that stakeholders have access to correct information, and do not allow themselves to be influenced by myths and perceptions. We are happy to have successfully helped our clients stay on top of their game for many years.


Financial services

Financial services have a growing importance for the Romanian economy, which creates a number of challenges that need to be faced by market players. Efficient knowledge of stakeholder behaviors has never been so important, and our team of experts uses their unique understanding of the industry to offer our clients the upper hand.




The NGO sector has rapidly evolved in the still-emerging market, which is Romania. This rapid ascension brings with it challenges, apart from the ever-present economic struggles. With years of expertise behind us, we do our very best to help our NGO clients achieve change that benefits all of us.


Professional services

Professional services are at the centre of debates when it comes to the competitiveness of any country. We position our clients as a credible partners of dialogue with their stakeholders.



HORECA – as our country experiences economic growth, the opportunities for this sector seem more diverse than ever. Correct stakeholder engagement and a constant flow of information represent key elements that can help companies take full advantage of this context – something which we make sure our clients have access to.


TRANSPORTATION – from liberalisation to new and disruptive technologies, transportation is a challenging domain, especially in the green era.



AGRIBUSINESS – from farm to fork, from inputs to outputs, agriculture is important in Romania. Policy makers are in constant dialogue with the powerful farmers associations.