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Your best partner that supports your business in the region!

After 10 years of exciting projects, Point Public Affairs decided to boldly move to the next level: we regionally expand our footprint to Republic of Moldova, Bulgaria, Georgia and Serbia!
These countries have great potential already identified by multinational companies running business in the region from Bucharest.
But they also inherent complexities – diverse political systems, regulations and policy initiatives. We make it easy for corporate decision-makers to anticipate potential impacts and react timely because we are insightful and connected on the ground.


How we work across geographies:
• Network of collaborators with diverse professional backgrounds
• Multi-country cross-checking of regionally relevant developments
• Experience in several markets facilitates understanding of public policymaking dynamics
• Ethical standards upheld across all countries

Point Regional Services:

• Region & country insights
Anticipate future through thorough research of how local elites embraced or rejected change in the past
Understand the context by analyzing how major global players project their own interests/policies in the region – e.g. energy-related initiatives
Shape the new landscape by analyzing fundamental trends: emigration/immigration, generations balance, good governance, shifts in electorate preferences, evolutions in specific sectors

• Monitoring change on the ground
Regular updates of political, economic, social evolutions
Alerts on major events
Risks and opportunities evaluations
Local issues and policymaking processes followed up by specialized collaborators
Regulatory assessment
Stakeholders mapping and monitoring
Reputation of the organization and public sentiment as a predictor of success in shaping the business environment
Media landscape
Reports aggregate info from multiple sources and direct engagement with policymakers

• Engaging key stakeholders
Access the key stakeholders/influencers
Leverage international organizations
Deliver cross country engagement synergies

• Support for business expansion
Map the risks focusing on political stakeholders
Outline strategy options for managing risks
Reputation management
Support for engaging local stakeholders